It’s More Than a Phase...It’s a Way of Life.

Loose Leaf Tea Hand-Blended with Thoughtful Synergies

Have you ever had a cup of tea so good that it completely shifts your mood?  Makes you feel more alive? More aware of your present moment? That is our goal with each carefully crafted tea blend at New Moon Holistics. Each blend was developed using only the highest quality, organic herbs to enhance your quality of life.  We truly believe in the powerful effects our teas have on our health and wellbeing.  But don’t take our word for it! Try it for yourself and bask in all the amazing benefits.



Virtual Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga is much more than just a physical practice.  It is an opportunity to dive deep within yourself, to connect and discover endless possibilities of your being.  It helps align your head to your heart and focus on that life force, the pranayama, the fire and breath within you.  Yoga has completely transformed my life in more ways than I could have imagined and I cannot wait to share my passion with each and every one of you.  All classes will be a Vinyasa power yoga style of class, so we will hold postures and then flow through them, almost like a dance.  Grab your mat, tune out the outside world, and tune in to yourself.



I whole heartedly believe food is the best medicine.  Nutrition is not “one size fits all” and my approach is just that.  Everyone has a different story, different background, different lifestyle and different nutritional needs they need to thrive.  I mean, it makes sense since we all have different unique bodies, am I right? I don’t believe in restriction, diets or quick fixes.  Balance is the key to life, so why should our nutrition look any different? My approach is a full lifestyle change to empower and help you feel your very best self, and help you shine your light within.


Savvi Athleisure Wear

Looking and feeling your best has never been so easy.  Savvi has all your needs from date night, to chasing your kiddos around the house, to intense workouts and everything in between.  This brand is made to fit your body, your lifestyle and empower you along the way.


I’ve always known my purpose in this life was meant to be great.  It has taken me years of self growth and love to connect to my inner light and pursue my dreams.