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Tea is my love language.  The medicinal and physiological effects that organic herbs and tea have on the body is unmeasurable.  After completing my Nutritional Therapy Certification in 2020, I completely dove into the world of natural healing that herbs and plants provide.  Plants really are the best medicine and have a magical power of connecting you back to nature and enhancing your health and wellness in a variety of ways.  Nothing lights me up more than when I am mixing up my blends knowing someone out there will benefit. That is how I knew that this would be a part of my own journey and my life’s purpose.  I hope you enjoy these blends as much as I do, so much love was put into them.


Calming. Soothing. Peaceful

Yes, you read that right! Why is this tea so great? Well because it literally makes you Zen As F***.  There’s nothing better than winding down the hustle and bustle of your day with a warm cup of this soothing tea to calm all your senses and help you get ready for a great night’s rest.  This blend is meant to be drank in the evening as every ingredient was carefully chosen to promote sleep & has sedative properties.  It is also great for reducing stress, as well as to help ease anxiety, reduce inflammation and calm down your nervous system.  So sit back, relax and prepare to get Zen AF.

“When you are unhappy, the Devil where’s a grin, but oh he starts to runnin’ when the light comes pourin’ in, so let the sun shine in, face it with a grin, open up your heart and let the sun shine in.”

A very special woman used to sing this to me whenever I was grumpy, and as much as I hated it, it always put a smile on my face.  Instead of me singing you that song, I recommend just drinking a cup of this tea.  This aromatic blend is bound to put a smile on your face, is super high in antioxidants, helps to improve mood and brain function, has anti-cancer properties, reduces stress and can even boost your immune system. Steep yourself a pot and let that sun shine in.


Uplifting. Boosting. Pleasant


Grounding. Balancing. Supportive

Do you ever have those days where you just need to feel supported by the earth? Where you need to sit with your bare toes in the grass, feel the breeze against your cheeks, take deep inhales and exhales while being surrounded by Mother Nature? Yeah me too.  That’s why I created this blend to really help you feel rooted into your space and your present moment. The aroma of this tea alone makes you feel more connected to the earth, but also has the added benefits of reducing pain and inflammation, aids in digestive health, supports blood sugar levels and contains Chaga mushrooms, which is a very nutrient dense superfood.  Ground down with this balancing blend.

This blend is just as the name says, it’s Divine.  My grandma was 100% the inspiration for this tea and was specifically blended with ingredients that remind me of her.  To me she is Divine Love, the Divine Mother and my guiding light.  Whenever I need to feel more connected to the universe, to my inner child, to my mystical being, this is the tea I choose.  This delicious blend also has many many benefits including immune support, wound healing, digestive health, contains many vitamins and antioxidants, helps fight infections and reduces inflammation in the body.  Connect with your divine being and relax with this luxurious wholesome tea.


Comforting. Everlasting. Wholesome