Hello and Welcome!

I am so happy you’re here!  My name is Amber Moccia.  I am a 200 hour certified yoga instructor, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, an Ayurveda Wellness coach (in the making), a lover of herbs/plant medicine and the owner of New Moon Holistics. From an early age I knew I had a certain connection with the universe and Mother Nature.  I knew that my soul’s purpose was way bigger than sitting behind a desk from 9-5 everyday.  Nothing makes me happier than helping others feel healthy and empowered to become their best selves.  That’s how this business was born.


New Moon Holistics is all about manifesting who you want to be, and making it a reality.  Growing up my grandma would send me reminders about when the New Moon was and to make sure I set my hopes, dreams and wishes for the things I wanted in my life.  Then she would tell me to visualize them coming true.  She taught me how to talk to the universe and how to use my “gifts” to create a life I had only dreamed of.  I was always told, “If you believe, you can achieve.” Now years later, I realize she was setting me up to be the woman I am today and how to manifest this dream I have always had and making it into my reality.  New Moon Holistics not only represents who you want to be, but how to live your life to its highest potential with positive mindset, movement, nutrition and the tools to help you get there.

This business has been 20 years in the making.  After succumbing to an eating disorder at an early age and overcoming it, I developed a passion for healthy living, cooking, fitness and everything in between.  My recovery was far from easy, but I saw an acupuncturist who would help me shift my mind set in a more positive light. She taught me how to look at food as nourishment and fuel for my body, rather than the enemy. I learned how to breathe, relax, and was given Chinese herb blends to incorporate into my diet.  It was a very eye opening experience and played a big part into my recovery.  The other part in large, was my Grandma Sandy.  She constantly lifted me up by sending  messages about how powerful I am, read me my animal spirit cards on the regular, gave me herbal remedies and taught me how to love myself as I am. She was really a very special intuitive, healing woman.


Fast forward to 2013 when she suddenly passed.  I felt lost, but it forced me on a path to find my purpose and my true meaning in this life.  I started doing yoga, diving deeper into nutrition and connecting to my inner child and the gifts I have to offer.  Little did I know everything I went through me would lead me here, to this business, and to this life I have always dreamed of.  I firmly believe the universe and my Grandma knew exactly who I was supposed to be, where I would end up and purposely gave me all the tools I needed to get there. It has been a bumpy road.  A lot of ups and downs, mistakes and realizations, but here we are and I am so excited to share what I have learned with all of you. Welcome to New Moon Holistics.