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First Virtual Vinyasa Yoga Class is up and Ready!

I can’t believe it has been 1 full week of launching this business!

This past week since launch has totally flown by! I am so humbled with all the support Iv’e gotten and we are just getting started! There is so much I have in store and cannot wait to see how this whole thing grows.  With that said, I have my first virtual vinyasa yoga class up and ready for you all! It has been over a year now since Ive taught my last class.  Being virtual is definitely a bit different than being in a hot studio, but I could not be happier being able to teach yoga again.  I sure have missed it!  I’m really hoping that once things have settled down with the little babe after this summer, I can get back into the studio doing what I love, but for now I will be uploading videos here for all of you! As long as baby lets me haha You can access my link under the yoga tab at the top of my website or click here! I also have the Spotify playlist open to the public if you want to listen along at home. Just click here!

As a reminder all of my yoga classes are donation/pay what you can.  It honestly just feels good teaching and sharing my love for yoga again.  Anything is so appreciated! You can find my Venmo under the username: Newmoonholistics and my name should pop up. I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday! If you take the class I would love to know how you liked it and how it felt.  Also just a warning, my dog Jax is very needy and he thought it was playtime. So please ignore the bone chewing, the bed digging and the brief barking..haha thats just what happens when you teach from home!


With Love & Light,


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